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by | March 31, 2023

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As we all know, Amazon began operations more than two decades ago as Jeff Bezos’ bookstore. However, generating revenue of approximately $386 billion annually, this bookstore has now evolved into the world’s largest e-commerce platform with consistent yearly growth. Additionally, the Amazon Influencer Program has been leading the industry since 1996, and it has helped brands drive traffic with the help of social media influencers.

Whether you’re an Amazon Seller Central merchant, vendor, or Amazon’s B2B dealer, you must be aware that selling on Amazon isn’t as easy as it used to be. Filtering the right keywords, conducting research, and adding high-resolution images and dozens of positive reviews no longer enables you to beat the competition.

Amazon’s a10 algorithm has improved and begun to prioritize brands and products on other parameters. One of them undoubtedly is external Amazon traffic! Yes, Amazon influencers can participate via this program and drive traffic.

With that in mind, are you already an influencer, or are you aiming to become one? Regardless of your current influencer status, Dragon Dealz brought this up to help  you understand the how to get more sales on Amazon?. It will also help you to understand the nuts and bolts of the Amazon Influencer Program.

Who Are Amazon Influencers?

Amazon influencers are basically social media influencers who promote Amazon’s third-party brands among their viewers. But wait, there’s more! These influencers can earn up to 10% commission as an Amazon Affiliate.

Influencer marketing is similar to driving sales on Amazon’s website via off-page promotion. This off- page promotion produces organic traffic on Amazon from other social media platforms. They will help you to understand several methods and proven strategies to learn how to get amazon reviews? Amazon Influencers gain earnings by recommending Amazon products to their audiences on various platforms.
These social media platforms could be:

• Twitch

• YouTube

• Facebook

• Blogs

• Instagram

• Amazon Live

• Podcasts

• Pinterest

Who Can Become an Amazon Influencer?

Whether you are an Amazon seller or simply planning to become an Amazon Influencer, you must understand the skills required to become an Amazon Influencer:

• They must have active social media accounts, especially YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

• A significant following is a must; approximately 20,000 should be the minimum follower count.

• There should be active and positive engagement between the influencer and followers.

• They must post content relevant to the products being sold on Amazon.

Amazon Influencer Outreach

If you are an Amazon seller and want to collaborate with Amazon influencers, we will help you with the question of “how to reach out to Amazon influencers.” You should use emails instead of DMs to contact content creators; emails always help achieve better responses and greater credibility. With this mode of communication, the goal is to get your email opened and read, and receive a positive response. In order to accomplish these goals, you must:

• Assure that your message is short, crisp, and assertive.

• Ensure that the influencer can view your brand name and conduct quick research on your brand.

• Create effective email subject lines and templates for better open rates.

•Include personalization, such as adding the influencer’s name in the subject line and body of the email.

Closing Words

As an Amazon influencer, you can earn by supporting products and brands that you like. With your own custom Amazon storefront and massive follower base on social media, you are equipped to apply for the Amazon Influencer Program. What are you waiting for? Your followers and prominent Amazon sellers are waiting for you to begin your journey on this path!

Pro Tip: Do not exceed the character limit. Amazon warns explicitly about this, “Whole entry will be rejected upon exceeding the limit”.


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