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10 Inches Ceramic Tortilla Warmer by StarBlue with FREE Recipes ebook – White, Insulated One Hour and Holds up to 24 Tortillas,Chapati, Roti, Microwavable, Oven Safe

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✔️ INSULATED CERAMIC WARMER WITH LID- The tortilla warmer is made of food grade, non-toxic ceramic. The warmer has a lid that secures the food and keeps it safe from outside contamination. It is double walled to ensure thermal insulation. ✔️ ONE-HOUR HEAT RETENTION- The insulation of the tortilla warmer retains the heat for more than one hour so you can travel with your food to great distances without worrying about your food going cold and bad. ✔️ MICROWAVABLE AND OVEN SAFE- The tortilla warmer is microwave oven friendly and oven safe. Re-heating your food is made easier. ✔️ EASY TO CLEAN- The tortilla warmer is dishwasher friendly. It can also be washed manually with a bit of soap and water. The ceramic doesn’t let any sticky stain ruin its polished surface. ✔️ SPACIOUS- The bowl of the tortilla warmer has a diameter of 10inches. It is spacious enough to store at least 24 tortillas and sometimes even more.

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