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Baby Defence Outlet Plug Covers – Pack of 24 Socket Covers with 2 Keys and 3 Prongs – Strong and Durable – Tight Fitting and Large Angle – Childproof and Dustproof Electrical Outlet Plugs

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Premium Quality: The superior quality electrical outlet plugs are made from high-quality plastic, free from BPA and ABS. These thick and highly-resistant plug covers have enhanced durability making it a suitable item for long term use. Functional Design: With its polished surface, the 1.1 x 1.2 inches outlet plug covers have a tight-fitting with a large angle that makes it hard to pull out. However, it can be easily removed by a key, making it a convenient and protected item. Childproof Model: Without parent key, the key covers cap is very hard to take out, making it secure from the baby safety point of view and hence, decreases the risk of electrical shocks and prevents fire. Safe and Secure: These outlet covers are ideal for keeping your family protected from electric shocks. Economy Pack: The package consists of 24 baby outlet cover with 2 keys and 3 prongs to cover the whole US power point, making it a complete package.

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