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Baby Proofing Kit, 50 pieces 11 different Items

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No Matter How Fast Your Little One Is, Baby Defence Will Always Be One Step Ahead It’s pretty much impossible to have your eyes on your baby or toddler every second of every day. Let Baby Defence be your other set of eyes when you can’t be. With this reliable, highly-effective baby security kit, you can feel good knowing your precious one is protected and cared for. This collection includes 50 child-proofing accessories that are MUSTS for any home with newborns, babies, toddlers, or even just accident-prone children. These kits feature multiple locks for doors, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, as well as corner protectors, socket plugs and door finger guards. With adhesive tape backings, no item requires drilling, making set-up incredibly convenient and easy. While we at Baby Defence can’t promise to prevent against all of life’s spills, crashes, falls, bumps, and accidents, we CAN promise to help cut back on tears, bandaids, and trips to the hospital. With Your Purchase You Receive: (3) Sliding Door / Window Locks (2) Door Finger Guards (4) Cupboard and Glass Cabinet Catches (4) Long Safety Latches (4) Short Safety Latches (2) Safety Sliding Locks (for cupboards or refrigerators) (1) Toilet Lock (12) Outlet Covers (8) Corner Protectors (Cubed) (8) Corner Protectors (Squared) (2 Anti-Jam / Anti-Close Door Stoppers (1) Instruction and Directions Card Insert Note: Each piece comes with adhesive tape for quick and easy implementation

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