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BossBud true Wireless Earbuds with compact charging case

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Have you ever been upset about the complex pairing process of Bluetooth headphones? Are you unhappy about your earphone short playing time? Are you tired of not being able to use your earphone under rain or heavy workout? Are you tired of the the Bluetooth headphones which failed to satisfy your music experience? Are you annoyed that your Bluetooth headphones’ sound often cut in and out? Worry no more! BossBud with the latest bluetooth 5.0 technology offers a true wireless headphone experience with no interruption in the sound. BossBud offer a premium Hi-Fi stereo sound quality experience which surprises anyone the first time they use it at such affordable price. With a proprietary battery technology, BossBud offers 6 hours of music playtime per charge time making it suitable for variety of applications such as listening to music, playing games, phone call and more. BossBud Bluetooth technology offers auto pairing process making it extremely easy to pair with any android, iOS, and windows based devices. BossBud is IPX7 waterproof& sweatproof compliant, and can be used under rain and heavy workout condition and prevents water and sweat from penetrating and damaging the product. BossBud offers dual microphone technology, one per each earbud which can be used together to enhance the call quality.

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