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Mediterranean Sea Sponge for Bath

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Luxurious, Soft & Absorbent: A truly soft high absorbent sea sponge for a unique spa experience which’ s natural silk texture will give you rich soap foam driving you into a relaxing bath destination. Handful 4.5″ – 5.0″ size: The ideal size for a pleasure bath or shower, suitable for men, women, kids or babies with sensitive skin. Natural, eco-friendly: We believe in natural reusable products and we respect the nature’s resources and the valuable waters of the sea. A renewable resource carefully handpicked that will last you for many months. Skin Beneficial: The Mediterranean Sea waters, rich in healthy minerals, and the texture of the sea sponge will smoothen and exfoliate naturally your skin protecting it from irritations while giving you a pleasing body massage. Mediterranean Best Quality: 120 years of experience guarantees you a high standards quality bathing product that will last, bucked up with replacement or refund guarantee.

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