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Smart Favorites 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase – 19 Momme 6A, 600 Thread Count – Cushion Covers for Hair & Skin – Hypoallergenic Pillow Casing Gift with Hidden Zipper – 0EKO-TEX – 50 x 75 cm – Silver

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  • 😴 NO MORE BREAKOUTS – Sleep soundly without worrying about irritated skin when you wake up. Each mulberry silk pillowcase contains natural proteins like sericin that may help with skin reactions.
  • 😴 GOOD FOR YOUR HAIR & SKIN – The smooth and frictionless surface of our silk pillow covers are gentler on your skin and great for your hair. No more creased cheeks and frizzy hair in the morning!
  • 😴 FOR BETTER SLEEP QUALITY – Take your beauty rest without worrying about harmful substances on your pillow case. These silk pillow cases are 0EKO-TEX certified which means they’re safe to use!
  • 😴 FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – Each zippered silk pillow cover fits standard bed pillows and comes in different colours. Our 100% silk pillowcase is the perfect sleep essential for everyone at home!
  • 😴 A LUXURIOUS GIFT – Each silk pillowcase is made of a luxe 19 momme ultra-smooth 6A silk material. It comes in a gorgeous gift box, making it an excellent present for a friend or loved one!

A good night’s sleep starts with the perfect pillowcase.

No matter how fluffy your pillow is, it won’t do much if the cover you’re using isn’t as comfortable as it should be. Sadly, some pillowcases are made with thick and scratchy fabric that may cause skin creasing, tangled hair, and a host of other problems that could affect the quality of your sleep.

The good news is, you have plenty of choices when it comes to casings for your pillows. In fact, we’ve got just the right product that will help you sleep in comfort and luxury all night long.

Change the way you sleep with the Smart Favorites 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.

Some pillow casings aren’t designed with your skin and hair health in mind. That’s why we’ve developed our silk pillowcases using premium 6A 19 momme mulberry silk. Its soft and silky texture is naturally friction-less so your hair won’t get tangled and your skin won’t get irritated rubbing against the material.

Mulberry silk is sustainably sourced, unlike regular silk. Made with natural proteins, it contains sericin which helps repel unseen critters. It also helps keep the fabric safe from nasty substances. This results in a naturally hypoallergenic pillowcase that deters skin reactions to help ward off breakouts.

The hidden zipper not only adds to its seamless and elegant look but also means you won’t have to worry about zippers scratching your face.

Here are more reasons to love our silk pillowcases:


  • Comes in pink, silver, and white
  • The pink pillowcase comes with a 3.5cm silk scrunchie
  • Crafted with high-quality 6A mulberry silk
  • Perfect gift for friends and family
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