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Case Study 1


Case Studies

Case Study #1: Elizabeth
In September 2018, Elizabeth completed an Amazon Trading Course, after which she launched her first product in Amazon’s “Kitchen” category.

The Beginning

Verified Reviews = 0

Daily Sales = 3-7

Daily Sessions = 40-50

Daily Profits = $30 – $50 (USD)

Conversion Rate = 7-9%

The Results

After just three weeks of using Dragon Dealz, The results were staggering:

Verified Reviews = 12

Daily Sales = 15-19

Daily Sessions = 85-95

Daily Profits = $100 – $150 (USD)

Conversion Rate = 18-23%

The Challenge

Elizabeth needed to increase her number of verified reviews, boost her conversion rate significantly, and bring more relevant external traffic to her sales page.

The Solution

Elizabeth used the “Dragon Dealz” system, guided by our team of experts. We agreed on a distribution of 30 products, with a 100% discount. Elizabeth’s products reached Dragon Dealz’ bloggers within 11 days, providing Elizabeth with a sound way to boost sales. Our bloggers were tasked with the aggressive promotion of her most critical search words.

Today, Elizabeth continues to receive verified reviews daily as a result of Dragon Dealz’ system. Elizabeth still moves up the ranks online. After experiencing a 100% profit increase with Dragon Dealz, she continues to recommend Dragon Dealz to fellow sellers.


Dragon Dealz-Case Study1


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