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Case Study 2


Case Studies

Case Study # 2: Kyle
As an experienced online seller, Kyle has been selling in Amazon’s “Babies” category for over 18 months. From day one, Kyle has been committed to promotion and marketing, investing substantial amounts of money to boost his exposure and maintain an average influx of reviews. Kyle, like any other online seller, wants his business to succeed. Unfortunately, operation was highly unstable.

The Beginning

Verified Reviews = 76

Average Customer Rating = 4.2

Daily Sales = 17-21

Daily Sessions = 115-120

Daily Profits = $130 – $160 (USD)

Conversion Rate = 15-18%

The Results

After just 25 days of using Dragon Dealz, Kyle’s results were impressive:

Verified Reviews = 89

Average Customer Rating = 4.4

Daily Sales = 28-32

Daily Sessions = 130-140

Daily Profits = $250 – $300 (USD)

Conversion Rate = 23-25%

The Challenge

The Challenge Kyle wanted to accumulate reviews in a systematic manner, while attracting decent external traffic – all without wasteful PPC investments. Kyle also wanted to ensure a more stable income.

The Solution

Kyle contacted Dragon Dealz for support, who immediately arranged the distribution of 60 products. Our network of bloggers invested in Kyle’s products and received them within approximately 22 days. Shortly after this, Kyle’s products began to appear on Amazon’s first page of search results under his most crucial search words. Kyle even went on to receive a “Best Seller” badge several days after we helped him launch his campaign.

After experiencing a 90% profit increase with Dragon Dealz, Kyle continues to utilize our services a small price to pay for a lifetime of online selling prosperity.



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