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It’s not surprising that Amazon verified reviews play a crucial role for both sellers and buyers. However, new sellers might not be aware of the value of these reviews. Reviews can have a great influence on sales, and they might even affect product visibility and bestseller rankings. Millions of visitors purchase from Amazon, so having social proof such as reviews for your products can be useful.

If you have a good product, but no good reviews, then it is almost impossible to sell it. With that in mind, let’s get to know the methods that can help you generate good reviews for your products. Keep reading!

How to Increase Your Amazon Reviews

It can be tough for seller to get Amazon reviews for new products. However, the platform allows sellers to ask for reviews by following a proper set of guidelines. If you are not following the guidelines while asking for reviews, then it can become problematic. So, let’s have a look at a few ways to increase the count of Amazon reviews.

Amazon’s Review Request Button

Amazon Seller Central comes with a “Review Request” button that allows you to send a request to the buyer to post a review. Notably, Amazon translates the message in the customer’s preferred language. This option is a great choice for sellers because it follows all Amazon policies.

You simply need to click on the “Review Request” button and the default message will be sent to the buyer. This typically asks them to review and rate the product that they purchased

Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging System

Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging System is yet another great option to ask for reviews from the customers. For this approach, you need to visit your Amazon Seller Central account and find the order for which you want a review. Once done, you need to send a request to the customer in their preferred language. This option allows you to customize the message, but you need to follow the Amazon guidelines before sending.

Automated Review Requests

There are times when sending review requests via Amazon Seller Central manually does not work. So, to avoid the hassle, the seller can use a third-party software to generate automated review requests. These softwares even help you design the customer email campaigns and automate the requests using the Review Request button and Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging. This will help you inspect the feedback and reviews, and you can also check the analytical records to run effective campaigns.

Amazon Vine Program
The Amazon Vine Program is one of the most trusted sources to get reviewers who can provide an honest product review. It is considered to be Amazon’s approach to ask for reviews of new products, and Vine is a notable method to increase reviews of new products. However, there are specific requirements that must to be met, and the product should be offered to reviewers for free. It might not be the best way to get reviews, but it can certainly be helpful.

Product Inserts

Simple, yet practical, this method includes asking a buyer for a review on an insert card included with their product. However, Amazon’s guidelines are against this practice, so you need to be careful with this method.

Deal with Negative Reviews

When it comes to getting reviews, you will not always receive positive reviews. In fact, the chances are quite high for negative reviews, too. With this in mind, you might be wondering how to manage negative reviews. Have no fear—continue reading!

Having several negative reviews is not bad, as these can help add realism for your products. Just imagine a product with a five-star rating that doesn’t have one single bad review—it definitely sounds suspicious.
Now, although a few negative reviews are typically acceptable, you don’t want this to evolve into standard practice, do you? Of course not! It’s still necessary to analyze what’s going on and take action accordingly. Here are several things you can do to avoid unwanted negative reviews:

Conduct an Amazon Review Analysis
You need to conduct a review analysis and look for the major problem that customers are facing. Once you know the problem, it becomes easy for you to resolve it.

Improve Your Products
This is something that you can do before delivering your products. If you see a design flaw or quality issue, maybe it’s time to have a word with your supplier.

Constantly Update Your Amazon Product Detail Page

Sometimes your product description or images may be confusing. Make sure that you pair all of the details accurately with the product you sell. Don’t let your buyers leave bad comments due to poor and misleading presentations.

Final Thoughts
As an Amazon seller, you should always do your most to acquire recent and appropriate reviews for your product from satisfied buyers. Also, you should continually monitor customer reviews to improve your product listing. This is what Amazon wants to see, and, of course, it’s the most effective way to lower the effects of negative ratings!

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