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Every seller on the world’s most popular eCommerce website is wondering how to get Amazon previews. Amazon product reviews have become more important for sellers to boost their sales. Before we talk about how to get verified reviews on Amazon, we need to know why Amazon review Services matter in 2021:

  1. More than 97 percent of total Amazon customers say reviews determine their buying decision.
  2. If two same products have the same ratings, customers choose the one with more reviews.
  3. With only 5 genuine reviews on your product, your sales prospects increase by up to 200 percent.

These numbers create a clear picture of why your listing must have customer reviews. Now, coming back to the how. There have been many instances where sellers bought reviews or promised a “gift” to their customers for a review. These sellers were eventually banned from Amazon.

These fake reviews cause more harm than good.

Here’s a list of ways in which you should NOT get Amazon reviews:

  1. Writing reviews for your own listings.
  2. Bribing customers with offers, discounts, coupons, or any product to write a review for your listing.
  3. Asking your friends, family, or other known people to write reviews biased in your favor.
  4. Asking for reviews before the customer buys your product.
  5. Buying fake reviews.
  6. Cherry-picking your review, i.e., asking only satisfied customers to write reviews.
  7. Review trading, common malpractice where you ask others to write good reviews for you, and you write good reviews for them.

All the Don’ts of Amazon reviews mentioned above lead to strict action. Your seller account may even get banned.

So, the question arises, how to get verified reviews on Amazon? Here are the most tried and tested methods.

Amazon’s Request a Review Button

In the sellar Central section of your profile, you’ll see a button that says “Request a Review.” This is the easiest and the first step to ask your customers to leave a review. You should never miss this button; make sure you request a review within 4 to 30 days of the purchase.

Ask for Reviews with a Personalized Email

Amazon sends a generic email to all customers to leave a review after they’ve made a purchase. It’s a rather bland email, and people ignore it altogether.

What you can do is tweak things in your favor. Sending a personalized email is one of the best ways to engage customers. The first step to personalize an email is to replace “Dear Customer” with their real name.

Personalized emails also give you plenty of room to get creative with the subject line. A crisp, short and striking subject line will make the customers want to open the email.

Remember, your job here is to prompt them to leave a review, and not force them to leave a GOOD review. It’s not good practice.

Use Product Insert

When the product is in the packaging stage, insert an exciting and catchy insert containing a review request. It could be a thanking note with a request to share reviews if they liked the product.

Use bright and compelling colors and images to create the inserts. You can also include a short step-by-step guide on how to leave a review on your listing.

Catch them on Social Media

Nobody can deny the power of social media in today’s digital landscape. People share their reviews on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and even on YouTube.

Use this power of social media. Assuming that your brand is also on social media (if it’s not, make social media profiles immediately!), prompt your followers, tag them in your posts. Thank them for doing business with you and then smartly request them to leave a review.

2021 is the Year of Reviews

If you are not already investing time in review requests, you are missing many advantages that these reviews bring along. It has been duly observed that reviews have a direct effect on your sales.

Verified Amazon product reviews play a crucial role in making or breaking a deal. Reviews also help you rank better on Amazon seller ranks. With the right products, good images, crisp and Amazon SEO optimized product details and the power of Amazon reviews by your sales can skyrocket through the roof. Reviews also help you rank better on Amazon seller ranks. Contact us if you still have any doubts or queries.

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