We are
Dragon Dealz

Our Mission:

Our mission is clear: we want to help Amazon sellers
like you sell more and stand out in the busy
marketplace. At Dragon Dealz, we keep up with
Amazon’s changing rules and trends so your business
stays ahead. We believe every Amazon seller can be
successful with the right help and tools.

The Dragon Dealz Difference:

Our Story

Back in 2016, we recognized a need for a platform that could
empower Amazon sellers with effective promotional strategies.
Dragon Dealz was born from this vision- a platform founded by
FBA sellers for FBA sellers.

With our own success stories as testimony, we’ve expanded to
support thousands of Amazon sellers in achieving their goals.

Our adaptive approach ensures that our strategies remain
impactful in the ever-evolving Amazon ecosystem.

Why Sellers

Choose Us

Dragon Dealz is not just another promotional service. We’re a
 community of FBA sellers and e-commerce experts dedicated to
 your growth.

Our platform stands out for its focus on organic sales growth,
 understanding of Amazon’s nuances, and commitment to innovation.

Our clients have seen tangible results—improved sales, higher
 rankings, and sustainable business growth.

Meet the Minds Behind

Dragon DealZ

Kyle Davenport

The strategist with a decade of online sales experience,  
whose leadership shapes our platform’s vision.

Emily Silverstein

With her background in advertising and digital marketing,  
Emily’s insights drive our promotional strategies.

Joshua Harris

A digital marketing enthusiast, Joshua brings a wealth of  
experience in managing top Amazon brands.

Our diverse team is united by a shared goal: to make Dragon  
Dealz a beacon for Amazon sellers aiming for the top.


Guided by Core Values

Dragon Dealz operates on principles of customer focus,
innovation, integrity, and teamwork. These values are at the
core of everything we do, from developing new strategies to
.interacting with our community.


We are a diverse group of Amazon sellers  
and experts hailing from 5 countries, united  
in our mission to assist entrepreneurs and  
brands across the globe.


on Your Path to Success

Ready to elevate your Amazon sales?

Discover what Dragon Dealz can do for your business. Explore our services,
read through our success stories, and get in touch. Let us be part of your
journey to achieving your Amazon selling goals.

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