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Can I consult with you before placing an order and about my Amazon store in general?

Absolutely! We offer free consultation services to FBA sellers, whether you’re a client or not. You can reach out to us anytime via WhatsApp or email, 24/7, for guidance and support.

How can I track the progress of my campaign?

Our team is available 24/7 to provide real-time updates on your campaign’s progress. In the future, we will enhance our service to include access to real-time statistics directly from your dashboard, allowing for even more immediate and convenient tracking.

How do I choose the right package for selling on Amazon?

Consider how competitive your product’s category is and start with a basic package to see how it helps.
You can always upgrade later as you see results and learn what works best for your product.
If you need help deciding or want a recommendation, you can always contact our team.

I have more specific questions, who can I contact?

You can reach us via our website, email, WhatsApp, or any of our social media channels. We are available 24/7 to answer any specific queries you might have.

Is the payment recurring or one-time?

The payment for our services is one-time per package and does not renew automatically. This ensures there are no surprises on your bill.

Is there any risk in using your service?

Absolutely not! We use organic, risk-free practices. Our top priority is the safety of the process and protecting your seller account.
We never do anything that might even slightly jeopardize your account. Since 2017, we have served hundreds of sellers, maintaining stringent safety standards in every aspect of our service.

Is your service compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS)?

Definitely. Amazon’s TOS allows for giveaway campaigns. Although Amazon’s Terms of Service can be vague, allowing for a broad interpretation and enforcement, we ensure that our Launches adhere to these terms by promoting real Amazon products to real Amazon shoppers.
Moreover, we regularly participate in conferences alongside official Amazon representatives, which underscores our commitment to compliance and transparency.

What does the registration process involve?

The checkout process consists of three steps:

1) Payment of the service fee.
2) Completion of an online form with your product details.
3) Payment for the cost of the units, based on the retail price of the product.

Once the checkout is complete, we will start processing your order.
Your service will be launched immediately thereafter.
*Processing time: 4-5 business days.

What is the advantage of using a full-priced product giveaway campaign over other promotion methods?

Our promotional strategy is specifically designed to align with Amazon’s A9 algorithm, which prioritizes organic activity. Unlike outdated methods that rely on links or bots, we use the Search, Find, and Buy (SFB) method.

This strategy perfectly emulates Amazon’s exact match option in its advertising system. By implementing SFB, we trigger Amazon to recognize your product as attractive to potential customers, effectively promoting your product almost instantly and enhancing its visibility organically.

What payment methods do you accept?

For transparency and security, we prefer PayPal.
However, if you prefer to pay with a credit card, this is also possible during the checkout process. Should you encounter any issues, please contact us and we can issue an invoice.

What products can be promoted with your service?

You can promote any product across any category- from books and nutritional supplements to kitchen gadgets or any other product you can think of.
If you have any doubts or need confirmation, you can always reach out to us for verification.

What results can I expect after using your services?

At Dragon Dealz, we focus on enhancing your organic sales on Amazon through strategic organic marketing techniques. By using our services, Amazon sellers can expect significant improvements in three main areas:

1)Improved Product Indexing on Amazon’s Search Engine: We work to optimize your product’s visibility so that it ranks better in Amazon’s search results, making it easier for potential buyers to find your product.

2)Enhanced Keyword Rankings: Our targeted approach includes optimizing for long-tail keywords, which can help to increase the visibility and ranking of your product for specific search terms.

3)Increased Ratings and Reviews: Safely maximizing the number of product ratings and reviews is crucial. We also focus on increasing seller feedback when necessary. These enhancements contribute to building your product’s reputation and trustworthiness among shoppers.

These targeted improvements are designed to increase the number of sessions your product receives and improve your conversion rate, ultimately leading to more organic sales.

Who is your service suitable for?

Our service is ideal for Amazon and Walmart sellers at any stage of their business. Whether you are launching your first product as a new seller or are an established seller or large brand with significant sales volumes, our team of FBA experts, including current and former Amazon sellers, can tailor our services to fit your specific needs and product types.

Who makes up your team?

Our team is composed of FBA experts with over five years of experience on Amazon, including seasoned and former sellers, as well as Amazon FBA “nerds” who passionately follow every update and trend. We ensure our promotional strategies and practices always align with the latest developments in Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

Will my product reach the first page on Amazon?

Our promotion methods closely mimic Amazon’s exact advertising campaigns, providing potent and almost immediate visibility enhancements.
However, we cannot guarantee first-page position due to various factors such as unique product characteristics, competition level, and specific competitor behaviors within each category.
Despite these variables, many of our clients have successfully seen their products appear on the first pages, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.


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