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Gary’s Strategy for
Increasing Organic Sales and Reducing PPC Costs on Amazon

Posted by Dragon Dealz Amazon FBA Expert
Posted by Dragon Dealz Amazon FBA Expert

01 Client Background:


Kitchen gadget sold on Amazon.


Gary, a seller investing heavily in Amazon PPC campaigns to maintain visibility and sales.

Initial Position:

High PPC Costs:

Spending hundreds of USD weekly on Amazon PPC campaigns.

Break-Even Results:

The high cost of PPC campaigns resulted in minimal profit, leaving Gary at a break-even point most of the time.

02 Challenge:

Cost Efficiency:

Seeking ways to maintain product visibility and sales on Amazon without the unsustainable costs associated with PPC campaigns

Sustainable Growth:

Looking for a strategy that provides lasting results beyond the immediate effects of PPC advertising.

03 Promotion Strategy Assumptions and Methodology Insights:

Gary’s journey from PPC reliance to organic sales success embodies a strategic pivot every Amazon seller dreams of. His foray into the world of full-price giveaways not only reduced his dependence on costly PPC campaigns but also amplified his product’s visibility and sales in a sustainable way. Here’s how Gary turned the tables:

The High Cost of Visibility:

Initially, Gary was all in on PPC, dedicating a hefty budget each week to keep his kitchen gadget in the spotlight. While this approach did keep him in the game, the returns barely justified the spend, often leaving him just breaking even.

A Shift to Sustainable Growth:

Gary’s pivotal moment came when he decided that there had to be a more efficient way to achieve visibility and sales without the unsustainable costs of PPC. The goal was clear: maintain, if not enhance, product visibility and drive sales in a way that would deliver lasting results.

Replicating PPC Precision with Giveaways:

The game-changer was adopting a full-price giveaway strategy that mirrored the targeted nature of “Exact” PPC campaigns.

This approach involves:

Mimicking PPC Targeting:

By executing giveaways that replicated the precision targeting of PPC, Gary could ensure that the product reached the right audience—those most likely to be interested in his kitchen gadget.

Triggering Organic Promotion:

Unlike PPC, where clicks may not always result in sales, full-price giveaways guarantee a purchase. This is critical for signaling to Amazon’s algorithm that a product is gaining traction, prompting the platform to organically promote the ASIN under targeted keywords.

Reducing PPC Dependency:

The beauty of this strategy lies in its efficiency. Every giveaway is a guaranteed sale, unlike PPC campaigns that can often result in clicks without conversions. This not only boosts organic rankings but does so in a cost-effective manner, reducing the reliance on and expenses of PPC.

Tangible Results:

The outcomes speak volumes.
Gary saw a remarkable 47% reduction in PPC costs as the giveaways began to take effect. More impressively, the shift led to a significant uptick in organic sales, offering a sustainable boost that PPC campaigns alone could not achieve.

The Bigger Picture:

Gary’s story underscores a critical insight for Amazon sellers: diversification is key. While PPC can play a role in a comprehensive marketing strategy, relying solely on paid advertising is neither sustainable nor cost-effective. Exploring alternative methods like full-price giveaways not only can lead to immediate sales but also contribute to long-term organic growth.

Gary’s strategic shift highlights the importance of embracing innovative methods to promote products on Amazon. By leveraging full-price giveaways to mimic and outperform the precision of “Exact” PPC campaigns, Gary not only reduced his advertising costs but also laid the groundwork for sustained organic growth. This approach proves that with the right strategies, sellers can achieve visibility and sales on Amazon without breaking the bank on PPC.

04 Solution:

Review Zone Giveaway Method with Dragon Dealz.


Focused on a long-tail keyword that accurately represented the product but had less competition


Conducted giveaways that mimic the targeted approach of PPC but are executed through real buyer interactions.


Aimed to reduce overall PPC expenses by leveraging organic sales growth from giveaways.

05 Results

PPC Cost Reduction:

Achieved a 47% reduction in overall PPC costs through the strategic use of giveaway campaigns.

Sustainable Results:

The giveaways provided more enduring results compared to the temporary boost from PPC campaigns.

Increased Organic Sales:

As the giveaway campaigns progressed, Gary experienced a significant increase in organic sales, further reducing the need for costly PPC advertising.

Diversified Marketing Strategy:

Emphasized the importance of not relying solely on PPC for sales growth. Recommendations include diversifying marketing efforts through micro-influencers, social media campaigns, and other cost-effective methods.

This story shows how Gary, with a little help from Dragon Dealz’s giveaway trick, switched from spending too much on ads without much profit, to a smarter way of getting sales that doesn’t break the bank.

He stopped relying so much on expensive ads and tried out different ways to get noticed. Gary ended up saving a bunch on advertising and started selling more naturally, proving there are other ways to win in the tough world of Amazon selling.

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