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Mark’s Successful
Comeback on Amazon After a 6- Week Stock Out

Posted by Dragon Dealz Amazon FBA Expert
Posted by Dragon Dealz Amazon FBA Expert

01 Client Background:

Mark’s Business:

Mark operates an Amazon store selling a dietary supplement.

Success Story:

His products were flying off the virtual shelves, with daily sales of 25-35 for a year and a half.

Oops, No More Stock:

Then came Christmas, and boom – he sold out everything, leaving him with nothing to sell for six whole weeks

Initial Position:

Julia, launching disposable drinking straws on Amazon, faced the common newcomer challenge of zero visibility and sales in a highly competitive marketplace.

Stockout Impact:

A drop in product ranking and visibility due to Amazon’s A9 algorithm sensitivity to sales performance and customer engagement.

Sales Decline:

Daily sales plummeted to no more than 15 units, significantly reducing revenue and market positioning.

02 Challenge:


Restore product visibility and rankings on Amazon.


Overcoming the negative impact of a 6-week market absence on key metrics like sales velocity, reviews, and customer interaction.

03 Promotion Strategy Assumptions and Methodology Insights:

Mark’s Amazon comeback tale is like a masterclass in flipping the script on a nightmare scenario. After a stockout left him with zero sales for six weeks, he wasn’t just looking to get back in the game; he aimed to make a splash that even Amazon’s A-9 algorithm couldn’t ignore. Here’s a closer look at how giveaways became his secret weapon to jumpstart sales and signal to Amazon that his dietary supplement was ready to top the charts again:

The Stockout Setback:

Imagine selling out your entire stock during the holiday rush, only to realize that your empty shelves have knocked you off Amazon’s radar. That was Mark’s wake-up call. Amazon’s A-9 algorithm thrives on consistency and engagement, and a stockout is like going silent in the middle of a conversation.

Strategic Comeback with Giveaways:

To grab the spotlight again, Mark turned to giveaways. Not just any giveaways, but a carefully planned series designed to mimic the steady drumbeat of daily sales. It’s akin to reminding Amazon, “Hey, remember us? We’re still a crowd-pleaser.”

Why Giveaways Work Wonders:

By distributing 30 units over 25 days, Mark wasn’t just being generous. He was strategically nudging Amazon’s A-9 algorithm, reigniting its interest by simulating the sales velocity that had made his product a hot item in the first place. This method is like using a defibrillator on your product’s visibility — a jolt to jumpstart its heartbeat on the platform.

Triggering the A-9 Algorithm:

Here’s the deal — Amazon’s A-9 loves action. Sales, reviews, clicks, and customer interactions are its love language. Mark’s targeted giveaway was like a love letter to the A-9, showcasing that customers were still interested, and it was time to put his product back in the limelight.

The Snowball Effect:

This isn’t just about a short-term spike in sales. When the A-9 algorithm notices a product gaining traction, it starts to promote it more, leading to increased visibility, more sales, and, ideally, a virtuous cycle of engagement and growth. Mark’s strategy essentially kicked off a snowball effect, where initial giveaways led to increased organic sales and higher rankings.

Surpassing Previous Success:

The results? A triumphant return to form, with sales not only recovering to their pre-stockout levels but surpassing them. It’s like making a comeback at the halftime show and stealing the spotlight. Mark didn’t just return to the game; he set a new high score.

The Takeaway:

Mark’s journey underscores the critical importance of strategic planning and understanding the nuances of Amazon’s algorithm. Giveaways, when done right, are not just about giving away your product; they’re about signaling to Amazon and its customers that you’re back and better than ever. It’s a strategic move that can help you turn a stockout setback into a spectacular comeback, ensuring your product gets back on the sales wheel and rides it all the way to the top.

In essence, Mark’s story isn’t just a comeback; it’s a playbook for leveraging Amazon’s A-9 algorithm to your advantage, proving that a well-timed giveaway campaign can be the catalyst for reigniting your product’s sales momentum.

04 Solution:

Strategy with Dragon Dealz:

Enrollment in the Review Zone service’s “Advanced” package to address the decline.

Targeted Giveaway:

Execution of a 30-unit giveaway spread over 25 day


Simulate consistent organic sales and engage customers to positively influence Amazon’s A9 algorithm.


Increase product visibility and rankings, signaling demand and interest in the dietary supplement.

05 Results

Sales Recovery:

Daily sales not only returned to the pre-stockout average but exceeded prior records.

Ranking Improvement:

Enhanced product visibility and improved rankings on Amazon.

Strategic Success:

The giveaway strategy effectively communicated to Amazon the renewed interest in Mark’s dietary supplement, leading to a successful comeback


Dragon Dealz’s Review Zone service proved instrumental in navigating Amazon’s complex marketplace dynamics, particularly for competitive sectors like dietary supplements

This story shows just how tough and smart you’ve got to be to make it in the online selling game.

Mark faced a big hiccup when he ran out of stock, but with a bit of clever planning and some help from Dragon Dealz, he turned what could have been a disaster into a chance to do even better than before.

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Mark’s Successful Comeback on Amazon After a 6-Week Stock Out

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