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Why Dragon Dealz

Why Chose Dragon Dealz for Amazon Marketing?

Level up your amazon game with Dragon Dealz
  • A Reliable Solution For Increasing Reviews & Ratings
  • 100% Organic Process
  • Risk-Free, TOS Compliance
  • Powerful Keyword Ranking
  • 24/7 Customer Service

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What We offer

All-In-One Product Giveaway Platform

Get the leading all-in-one platform for launching,
and selling products on Amazon. Use Dragon Dealz to grow your Verified Reviews, Boost your keyword ranking and build your own successful FBA business.

Boost your amazon ranking and sales with Dragon Dealz
Boost your sales on Amazon with Dragon Dealz

A comprehensive solution for constant growth in reviews and ratings, TOS Compliance

Our internal statistics and clients report a return rate of reviews of 35% to 45%

*Achieve up to 55% and more in markets such as CAD, the UK, and DE

Organic promotion using the SFB method-Search, Find, Buy

We endorse a fully organic promotion methodology that ensures optimal results. Our bloggers search for your product using the instructed keyword to mimic the actions of a regular buyer. These bloggers then purchase the product at its full price, without using discounts or coupons.

100% organic promotion on Amazon
Amazon PPC management by Dragon Dealz

An effective method for significant savings in PPC costs

Use your marketing budget effectively.
Our sellers report 30% -40% savings in the PPC budget.

Our promotion method is proven to be especially effective for ranking long-tail keywords.
In a short period of time you will be able to enjoy targeted traffic directly to your sales store.

Proper indexing of your product in the Amazon search engine

Our bloggers will “teach” Amazon’s search engine who your potential customers are, so you can enjoy a high conversion rate and as a result a continuous improvement in keyword rankings.

Bring targeted traffic on Amazon with Dragon Dealz

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