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by | April 07, 2023

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Amazon advertising campaigns are thriving at an increasing rate, and the usage of short-tail keywords is becoming more prevalent. Consequently, with this sudden development, it has become necessary to use low-volume keywords for better ROI (return on investment) and conversion rates. Dragon Dealz has now provided an exclusive set of strategies to enhance your Amazon PPC campaigns using long-tail keywords.

The best strategy for keyword ranking on Amazon does exist!

To be a successful Amazon seller, you need a firm understanding of planning Amazon PPC campaigns and ads. Yes, it is possible to utilize long-tail keywords to attract additional traffic and optimize your ad campaigns. This approach simply enhances your Amazon product ranking and boosts your sales. Ultimately, there are many ways to improve PPC campaigns, but you can steal the show if you try using long-tail keywords in your ad campaigns.

What is a long-tail keyword?

A long-tail keyword is a group of more specific keywords (typically three to five words) for products that buyers often use during the search process. Shoppers prefer using these keyword terms if they are close to purchasing the desired product. Long-tail keywords are more beneficial if customers use the voice search option to search for products in which they are interested. Long-tail keywords are ideal for novice Amazon sellers, as these keywords have less competition and low cost-per-click (CPC), yet high buying intent.

How do you use long-tail keywords?

Let’s put it this way: if you are selling a duffel bag, you should not use the most common keywords. Instead, you should start your campaigns using long-tail keywords such as “rustic handmade duffel travel bag” or “unisex travel duffel bag.”

Pros of using a long-tail keyword

Long-tail keywords are more distinct than generic terms and tend to be more specific to the user’s search intent. Additionally, these keywords enable you to target particular audiences with ease. By using long-tail keywords in Amazon PPC campaigns, a newbie seller can attract higher-quality traffic, a good Amazon product ranking, and more sales

Less competition and lower costs

Long-tail keywords have less competition as compared to shorter keywords. Notably, a higher Amazon product ranking is easier to attain organically using these keywords, which eventually bring in more traffic. When you put up a long-tail keyword, the cost per click (CPC) is comparatively lower since there is less competition.

More conversions and greater ROI

Shoppers searching for products using long-tail keywords hold high purchasing intent. Accordingly, these are considered to be more qualified leads. Customers seeing your listing have a significant likelihood of purchasing your product; this ultimately boosts your conversions and improves your organic search ranking.

Pro Tip: Do not exceed the character limit. Amazon warns explicitly about this, “Whole entry will be rejected upon exceeding the limit”.


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