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by | May 05, 2023

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Ever since Amazon was launched, every seller wants to be on the coveted ecommerce. However, not everyone knows how to become Amazon best seller. Becoming the No. 1 seller on the ecommerce mogul is easier said than done. With a massive number of sellers on Amazon, being the top-ranking seller doesn’t come easy. To understand how to become Amazon best seller, you first need to know how Amazon sales ranks are calculated.

Amazon Sales Rank Calculation

The sales rank calculation of amazon is ambiguous. Given that Amazon sales rank focuses only on sales numbers, it’s pretty clear that Amazon calculates sales over a considerable time frame. But that doesn’t mean you need to assume things and take the trial & error method. On the other hand, it is also observed that young (new) sales have more weightage than older sales. Here’s how Amazon calculations work:

  • Amazon adds the sales of the previous calculation period
  • All the relevant sales of each product are weighed
  • All the values are then compared
  • The resulting values are then sorted in descending weightage

Why is Amazon Sales Ranks Volatile?

Amazon sales ranks are not updated in real-time. The first 10,000 sales ranks are updated every hour.

10,001 to 100,000 sales ranks are updated daily. Ranks lower than 100,000 are updated monthly. As a result, it takes some time for actual rank changes to reflect.

How to Become Amazon Best Seller

Apart from an exceptional product, you must improve your Amazon ranking to become Amazon best seller.

For more sales, you need to be visible on the top of Amazon search results. This is where amazon SEO tactics come into play. The first element of Amazon SEO is keyword optimization.

Let’s dig deep into it.

Start with curating a list of the top-ranking keywords about your product. The more relevant keywords you match, the higher your product will be displayed on amazon search result pages.

Missing any relevant keyword may lead to less visibility, the fastest killer of any sale in the digital world.

Keyword optimization is all about using the keywords that customers use to search for their desired products. For this, you need to focus on primary and secondary keywords to leverage upon the search queries.


If you thought analytics is solely for search engine optimization, you’re in for a surprise. Amazon has possibly the most extensive user base, and thus, it uses its A9 algorithm to show the right products to users. Analytics help you understand what keywords and keyword combinations are working in your favor.

Product Description Optimization

Product description solves two primary purposes:

  1. Helping buyers make an informed decision by providing relevant and correct information.
  2. Helping Amazon identify your product according to the search terms used by users.

When you optimize your Amazon product description, you reap two vital benefits:

  1. Better and higher visibility
  2. Improved conversion

Reviews Matter

Reviews play a vital role in driving sales forward. They have a direct effect on customers’ buying decisions. People often read product reviews before actually buying something on Amazon.

If your product has a good number of reviews, you’ll see more buyers show the intent of buying products from you.

Reviews also add to the overall Amazon SEO in your favor. Reviews that include the exact keywords as you do adds to the keyword density.

Use High-Quality Images

Product listings that feature high-quality images optimized for the web tend to grab attention quickly and easily. Invest in a good camera and take pictures of your product from all sides. Ensure you keep the product in the foreground. Minimize distractions so that buyers focus only on the product.


Becoming the Amazon best seller may sound like a complicated task at first. It may even get overwhelming if you look at the bigger picture. However, when you start looking into the details, you realize it’s a systematic approach that includes various small steps.

There have been many instances where sellers overlooked Amazon’s BSR altogether, deeming it a useless concept. But it was only a matter of time when their indifference led to dire consequences. Their products stopped showing in the top results. Eventually, they moved to lower ranks where nobody goes.

We recommend taking advice and guidance from Amazon SEO experts. This way, you’ll be better equipped for the competition.


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