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by | May 26, 2023

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Amazon listing optimization is a crucial step for every seller. If you want to improve your conversion rate and revenue, which you really do, you need to ensure your listings show among the top results of amazon searches.

For effective product listing optimization on Amazon, you need a strategy that resonates with A9, Amazon’s ranking algorithm.

Let’s see what must be done for Amazon listing optimization:

Keyword Research

Defining your product with the right words is the first step of product listing optimization. Start with finding the seed keywords, and then move on to creating a list of long-tail keywords.

All these keywords must then be strategically placed in the product title, backend keywords, product descriptions, and filter terms.

Product Title: The product title has a limit of 200 characters. The right to do here would be to include your seed keywords and some long-tail keywords. The idea is to use natural language to create a keyword-rich, descriptive, and reading-friendly product title.

Backend Keywords: Backend keywords play a vital role in indexing by Amazon. With a space of 249 bytes, backend keywords have a direct impact on showing your listing on Amazon search results.

Product Description: the best practice of writing product descriptions is to use bullet points. This way, your content is easier for the audience to read. Use this space to include your keywords. Remember, you must include keywords without hampering the sense of the sentences.

Filter Terms: filter terms are terms that define who a product is for. Use words like unisex, for men, for women, for men and women, for kids, etc. to help people and Amazon notice your product.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is vital to stay relevant in both the Amazon algorithm and buyers’ eyes. Your content should provide proper information to the Amazon A9 algorithm crawlers. At the same time, your buyers should also be able to know exactly what they are buying from you. Leaving any room for doubt with poorly crafted content will lead to a bad user experience, and you may lose a customer.

Image Optimization

If your listing has high click-through and conversion rates, Amazon’s A9 algorithm will give your listing higher priority than your competitors. And when it comes to a good product listing, Amazon takes images very seriously.

Here are the image guidelines for product listing on Amazon:

  • Image background should be white (RGB 255, 255, 255)
  • The product must cover 85% of the image
  • The image should show the complete product
  • No unnecessary images, graphics and texts are allowed
  • Close-up pictures are allowed

You need to upload high-resolution, web-optimized images. Blurry images are a strict no-no.

Question and Answer Section Optimization

The customer Question & Answer section provides amazing scope for Amazon listing optimization. Buyers don’t have time to read long answers. And yet, they want all their doubts cleared. So, it becomes vital to create short and crisp answers to customer questions.

Crisp answers with strategically placed keywords appease both your buyers and the amazon algorithm. You should also keep in mind that prompt answers also help in better product exposure and increase your chances of building your seller reputation.

Stay away from jargon, remember, your approach should be about helping customers, not forcing a sale down their throat.

Last but not the least, your answers should be professional and gentle in tone.


Customers are the most integral part of every business, and customer reviews are the driving force behind almost every sale. As a result, you just can’t afford to miss out on reviews. Customers like to make informed decisions. On top of that, customers want to know how previous buyers felt about a certain product before buying it.

It’s only one of the two scenarios:

  • They want to have the same great experience that other customers have.
  • They don’t want to go through what other customers did.

How your potential customers perceive your product depends a lot on the reviews. So, invest time in requesting genuine reviews from your customers.


Amazon is the world’s largest and most popular marketplace. Your listing should be top-notch to get noticed by your audience. Today, we have covered the tired and tested Amazon listing optimization tips for you. Get in touch with us in case you would like to know more.


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