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by | April 28, 2023

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Product launch is the most integral part of selling on Amazon. When done right, the best way to launch a product on Amazon is the one that skyrockets your listings to the top of the amazon seller rank.

A unique product that fulfills market needs is the best bet for a successful product launch. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a solid and reliable product launch strategy to ensure success right from the word go.

If you are wondering how to launch a product on Amazon, here’s a tried and tested strategy that has helped many sellers:

Invest in Pre-Launch Marketing

You don’t take the first step of marketing when you are launching your product. It’s all about spreading awareness and keeping people curious about your product.

When you engage the audience before you even starting selling, they will anticipate the launch. When you finally launch your product on Amazon, this engaged audience will be the first to convert into customers.

Start creating blogs, social media posts, and newsletters for brand awareness. The more people know about your product, the more chances you have of high conversion rates.

Take iPhone, for example. The smartphone mogul uses impressive pre-launch marketing to update its audience that something new is coming up. How iPhone lovers line up at the storefronts is living proof of what pre-launch marketing can achieve.

In simple words, reach out to your audience before they move on to your competitors.

Plan Your Product Listing

We have talked about product listing n number of times, and we will talk about it again. Product listing is what makes or breaks the deal for you and your customers. We have seen many sellers failing on amazon because their listing wasn’t up to the mark.

Don’t fall into the trap of “I’ll launch the product now and work on the details later.” that never happens.

For best results, here’s a glance at the best way to launch a product on Amazon with an impeccable product listing:

  • Take high-resolution, web-optimized images of the product. Make sure the image covers 85% of the frame and has a white background.
  • Write clear, crisp, and keyword-optimized product title and description. The attention that your product grabs with images can go to waste if the description and product title confuse your audience. Do not forget that it may also lead to bad ranks. Keyword stuffing is malpractice under Amazon’s A10 algorithm.
  • Use Bullet points. Information is best grabbed when you use bullet points for description. It divides the text into small, readable chunks. It allows your audience to register more data in less time.
  • When we say don’t stuff keywords, it doesn’t mean you should go stingy with it. Optimize your content to include a good number of keywords while keeping sentence structure intact.

Use Competitive pricing

Your product launch also involves mentioning the cost in the listing. If your product category already exists on Amazon, there are high chances that there will be many sellers already.

So, if you are offering the same product that your competitors do, how will you stand out? The answer lies in intelligent pricing. Competitive pricing allows you to draw the audience attention to your listing.

Speed Up Your Shipping

It’s good to choose Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), but it’s not mandatory. And if you choose to ship your [products on your own, you need to deliver the order as fast as possible. Not as fast as you can. Because your fast may not be fast enough for your customers.

If you plan to handle shipping on your own, ensure your logistics are sorted out. Many sellers fail to deliver products on time and end up losing many more customers due to bad reviews.


We wanted to include external reviews in this post. But that’s applicable only for sellers who already sell on their own website or other eCommerce marketplaces. But we know every new Amazon seller can’t have an existing website or a profile on another eCommerce website. So, we decided to keep this option out of this guide.

If you have an existing website where you have good reviews, feel free to ask your customers to leave a review on Amazon.


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